Top secrets for playing the game Clash of Clans

You can find many casual games like this in the store but the craze for Clash of Clans is something different. It was loved by many people or gamers for playing the game and still now it is equally popular. As this is an online game so whenever you will go offline there are chances that other villages will raid your village and this is the main reason why people keep hooked up to theory phones for playing this game. But there are certain tricks for playing the game because when a beginner plays this game they naturally spend all their gems and end up with nothing. So here in this article, we are going to tell you some of the secrets for playing this game.

Top secret regarding this game

As whenever you will go offline and then you will again come online you with seeing that some other villages have raided your village and looted maximum resources. So the best thing you can do is take the revenge by attacking them. Attack only happens when there is no shield or if you are offline. As there is an advantage of checking their village before attacking them so you can easily create your troops in that way. And also check the town hall’s location. Also, check the storage of the village so that you can keep an idea of how much to loot from that village.

As you know that the barracks will just train the Troops but you can do much more. When you will go offline try to keep the troops in the queue for training. The elixir will be spent for training the troops and if the elixir storage is low then in this way you can channelize your elixirs. And you can also cancel these queued troops for getting back the elixirs.

These two tips will help you to train your troops when you are offline and also get more resources by attacking the village as a revenge. You can also try for many tricks or strategies in this game. But always spend the resources on appropriate places like the town hall and buy the troops that can cause more damage. One more tip is that you can remove all the unwanted things from the ground for getting some extra gems, or you can use a cheat for extra gems. For example, I hacked clash of clans for my android and I got as many coins as I wanted. There are also gem boxes that can help you to get more gems.

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