Skills of survival that you must know the Free Fire Battleground

Gamers always try to learn the survival skills in a particular game one is involved with. Free Fire Battleground has in total four different characters that use gold for unlocking some of the minor skills for survival among each other. Another development that the game has done is that the players can receive a chance of receiving free permanent character just on login in. The players can make use of the new latest weapons like the machine gun M249. The advantage of this machine gun is great. It can easily destroy all the vehicles that come in the player’s way. But it is only available in airdrops. Another added feature is that Grenades has got added in the game. Even the survival has become even easier with the addition of a new vehicle tuk-tuk. There has also been a tribute given to the roots of South Asia, by introducing the elegant three seat taxi. This is almost a must try for all who ever visits South Asia. There are also new types of store items introduced in the game that are known as bundles. Even the characters are given special types of costumes that are added with a feature of the action button.

Know about the hack detection schemes in the game

The developers are moving forward to make improvements in the section of anti-hack detection and the other prevention schemes. The players are also made aware of the rules and systems of free fire battlegrounds hack detection optimization. There are even schemes introduced where there can be a suspension of accounts who are using third party software. Even the guild can be disbanded now without any difficulty.

Possibilities of bug fixes and optimizations in Free Fire Battleground

There are lots of improvements made in the quality of the game. The developers have worked a lot in the context of background sounds, sounds of the footsteps of the characters, amazing graphics and improving the control options. There are also various segments of optimization that the developers have looked upon. They have developed the fixed voice chat function for regulating the auto-matching games. There will be more developments made by the team like the improvement in the game’s map making, tons of problems related to bug fixes. Players would soon face no problem in travelling in vehicles. The bug fix development will not let them get stuck in the vehicles anymore. The players have to keep on updating the newest versions of the games to enjoy the latest features.

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