Logitech Quick IM Plus Webcam: It’s Easy, Even for Computer Illiterates

I wanted to start video blogging or vlogging as they called it, to enhance my career as a writer. I’m a writer who is somewhat illiterate when it comes to using computer hardware and programming, but I needed to buy an easy but professional webcam.
I bought a relatively inexpensive webcam for twenty-five dollars. Logitech QuickCam IM Plus can be found at your local retail store, for example, in Sears, Wal-Mart or Radio Shack.

Logitech is a one click quick software camera. You can capture videos or photo images, e-mail videos and photo images, or upload your videos to, You Tube, after a free registration, all with one click.

Logitech QuickCam comes with a circular webcam unit that has a built in microphone at the base. It also comes with a stereo headphone with an attached microphone, CD disk installation software, and an instruction book in four languages. The languages are English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

To install the webcam you follow these simple instructions.

1-Turn your computer on.

2-Insert the installation CD into your CD-Rom or DVD-Rom drive.

3-Double click the, my computer icon, and the disk will automatically install.

4-A prompt will pop up on your screen telling you when to connect the camera to a USB port. (Don’t connect until you are prompted to do so.)

5-Position the camera in the center of your computer or on a desk top no more than three feet away for best audio sound.

6-Adjust the audio when prompted and you’re almost ready.

7-A QuickCam icon should now be on your desktop in the task bar.

8-Click on the icon and a sidebar will pop up with your selections.

9-Click on the feature you want and you’re ready to videotape or click a photo image.

You can also make video calls to friends or family, but an instant messaging application is required. Check your internet services for further information. Further simple instructions are available under the icon for online resource guide in the sidebar.

The ease of usage and the affordable price of this webcam is what impressed me. Within a few minutes I was able to make a video and place it on You Tube. The one click option isn’t complicated.

I highly recommend Logitech QuickCam IM Plus webcam for anyone looking to buy an easy, relatively in-expensive but proficient webcam.

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