Gamer Review – Final Fantasy I

When playing this game, I put aside the facts that the graphics are outdated. There is a great difference between the original Final Fantasy I for Nintendo to the Playstation. However, it still is not fulfilling enough to be considered even closely to one of my favorites. I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, but this one doesn’t make the cut as one of my favorites.

I am impressed by the change in the graphics from the Nintendo version to the Playstation. Still, the graphics look more like a great Super Nintendo game, I don’t think that much different could’ve happened, unless the game actually changed all together. The characters now have more detail as well as the backgrounds. During battle, instead of a black screen with a tiny square backdrop, the entire screen is now filled with the new and improved graphics. Overall, done well for what they had to work with.

Music and Sounds

Another improvement was definitely the music and sound. Still, I felt sort of ripped off when all the music stays consistent. There is no change in music from town to town. Overall, it’s repetitive. While the quality improved, the quantity of sounds did not.

Control/Menu Setup

Everything here is plain and simple. You can equip your weapon and items you use during battle. The menu is well organized. It’s extremely easy to get the hang of. And now on the Playstation your hits can be redirected. This is a new change to be happy about. A new feature is added in the menu control where you can keep track of all the monsters fought and items accumulated in the dungeons. Special features unlock when completing 100%.


Basically, I didn’t get a sense of a strong story in this game. The game is about four warriors of light out to save the world, just like any typical fantasy story. Your characters, picked by you, do not have a story, personality, or special dialog to make them unique from one another. This is probably due to the inability to make cutscenes back in the day. So if you’re looking for a game with a story…look elsewhere. Final Fantasy I has only a little bit of a story, but it’s nothing to get excited over.

Enjoyment Level

Okay, this what I have to say….mazes and random battles! I would get lost, and have to fight so many random battles. This got so tedious to me. And with no story to drive me further, it almost became a chore for me to play. There wasn’t much to this other than battles and making your way through annoying dungeons.

Overall this game wasn’t that bad, but does not sit on my top favorites. I feel like the only people who could truly appreciate this game are those who enjoy retro games, or people who played the original on the Nintendo. I probably would’ve loved the game more if I had played the original, but I was spoiled. I started my Final Fantasy days with VII.

This game is still recommended though for those who want to see where Final Fantasy began its roots.

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