Top secrets for playing the game Clash of Clans

You can find many casual games like this in the store but the craze for Clash of Clans is something different. It was loved by many people or gamers for playing the game and still now it is equally popular. As this is an online game so whenever you will go offline there are chances that other villages will raid your village and this is the main reason why people keep hooked up to theory phones for playing this game. But there are certain tricks for playing the game because when a beginner plays this game they naturally spend all their gems and end up with nothing. So here in this article, we are going to tell you some of the secrets for playing this game.

Top secret regarding this game

As whenever you will go offline and then you will again come online you with seeing that some other villages have raided your village and looted maximum resources. So the best thing you can do is take the revenge by attacking them. Attack only happens when there is no shield or if you are offline. As there is an advantage of checking their village before attacking them so you can easily create your troops in that way. And also check the town hall’s location. Also, check the storage of the village so that you can keep an idea of how much to loot from that village.

As you know that the barracks will just train the Troops but you can do much more. When you will go offline try to keep the troops in the queue for training. The elixir will be spent for training the troops and if the elixir storage is low then in this way you can channelize your elixirs. And you can also cancel these queued troops for getting back the elixirs.

These two tips will help you to train your troops when you are offline and also get more resources by attacking the village as a revenge. You can also try for many tricks or strategies in this game. But always spend the resources on appropriate places like the town hall and buy the troops that can cause more damage. One more tip is that you can remove all the unwanted things from the ground for getting some extra gems, or you can use a cheat for extra gems. For example, I hacked clash of clans for my android and I got as many coins as I wanted. There are also gem boxes that can help you to get more gems.

How to utilize 8 ball pool hack?

8 Ball Pool is a very popular game, and you can find many competitors who will be ready to compete with their stick. This is not only an entertaining game but also need huge concentration. In the game 8 Ball Pool, there will be a board, and you will have to play the entire game in motion sensor. So having a perfect aim will help you to get more points and awards but there are many eight ball pool hack which you can try. Hacks can only help you to get temporary solutions, but to gain skill in this game you have to implement the proper strategy, tricks for this game.

Things to keep in mind while playing this game

If you are busy with your life and hardly get any time to play the game, then you should at least open the 8 Ball Pool app every day. It will help you to get some free spin which can help you to earn more cash, coins as well as other mystery boxes which will not only help you to build a great pool but can help you to survive more. You can also purchase this spins without any resources. So try to get these free resources without playing the game.

You need to shoot very faster so that you won’t lose any short. There will be a timer that will keep ticking. So to make the shot quicker all you have to do is drag and tap the surface of the pool table in the front of the ques tip. So try to make a precise adjustment to get the perfect position from where you can easily shot. There will be many tricky shots which will help you to play with proper strategy. If the ball is near the pocket, then shoot with minimal speed so that it won’t strike back.

You can easily upgrade the board by spending some coins. If you can purchase them in the beginning, then it will help you to shoot properly with more proper aim and power, and it will also help you in improving the control of your ball.

So if you get 8 ball pool cheats android, then you will have to keep some points in mind.

At first, you have to select a website after reading the reviews and see if it is genuine or not.

After this fill up the information which is relevant to the game.

Now you can type the number of resources you want for this game.

Now you will have to click the generate button.

Do not provide any personal information on this site and do not exchange money instead of getting resources. It can lead to information and money theft. But playing the game properly should be your first motive instead of using the hacks because you have to reach a good level where you can use these hacking resources. From the beginning of this game, you can use these hacks for gaining resources but aiming properly is your job.

How to use the Clash Royale Hack online?

Clash Royale is a game developed by and published by the Supercell. It was released worldwide on the March 2nd 2016 and has been hitting the markets since then. It combines from tower defense, collectible card games and online multi player battle arena.

The game:

The players in the game are ranked by the trophy count. The players can level up with gaining experiences points by upgrading, donating and completing the achievements. It has thirteen levels to the game. The player wins by destroying the opponent’s tower. The main victory is achieved when they earn a crown victory by destroying the main king tower.

In the game, the players have to choose from a deck of eight cards and they strategize their strike and defend against the attack by using these cards. The game starts with the battle with use of elixir. Each of the cards has elixir. On the start of the game the player randomly chooses four cards from the deck of eight cards. Buildings, Playable units and spells have been represented as cards. There are total of 81 cards in four types, Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. There are different types of chests which the players can open when they win the battles.

There are Silver chests, Gold chests, Epic Chests, Giant Magical, and Super Magical and Legendary which take three hours, eight hours, twelve hours and a day respectively to open up. The chests have gold, cards. The crown chests and chest will also contain gems. Different chests have different types and number of cards. A player can have a maximum of four chests, so in case they have to empty a chest slot they will need to open up the chests on a regular basis. Every 24hours the players get a chance to win Crown chests by making a claim of ten crown from victory battles.

You will have access to the gems by buying it with real money or on completing any achievements. Gems are very important as they help to enter challenges, start tournaments, purchase cards and cheats and also gold from the shop.

Steps to use the Clash Royale hack:

You will have to create your own account by choosing clash Royale hack.

You have to give the Clash Royale ID in the next step.

Choose the device that you are currently using to play the game.

You can select the unlimited resources gold, elixir, deck of cards and gems that you will need while playing the game.

The generate button which will provide with resources, you will just need to click on it.

After the login process is finished, you can refresh the game and then log into the game account again.

Clash Royale is all about the strategy of playing the game with enough of resources and skills to fight against the opponents and win the battle. Clash Royale hack are good for collecting resources and having a good strategy and a combination of a good deck.

Useful Tips for SimCity BuildIt gameplay

SimCity BuildIt is a fascinating game. It is a great City Building recreation mobile game which has been designed and issued by the Electronic Arts. The game is an important part of the game SimCity Buildit Strategies. The game is specially designed for the Android and IOS mobile devices. SimCity BuildIt is free, and it consists of the in-app purchases. The game makes use of the graphics that is similar to the SimCity game. This game is known to start with around 25000 simoleons and 50 SimCash. The zoning feature is not available in SimCity Buildit. The game is amazing and attractive only when the players have an idea about the SimCity BuildIt cheats.

Tips to Follow

To proceed further in the game, it is important that the players know the various tips that they should follow in the game. Once they understand the tips, they will be able to master the game in no time. Given below are the various tips that the players should consider.

One of the most important things that the players should keep in mind is that it is important to expand the population to gain success. A great city with different working parts helps the city run without any issues, is the main aim of the game. This helps the custom city to increase greatly in population. It is important to have many people by building residences and also upgrading them. When more people live in the city, it means that the player will start gaining a lot of tax money which are used for the beautification projects. It is important to build parks and keep the population of the city happy. This will help the player to gain more coins daily from the City Hall.

It is very important to keep proper attention on the buildings. The players should run the residential areas properly. The residential areas need police stations, fire stations and various other buildings built within a particular area. All these buildings should be placed in proximity to the residential zone so that it keeps the residents happy and also make sure that there is a positive effect in the entire area. It also helps the player to generate a huge amount of tax income.

The player should make sure that he moves around all the buildings and paves streets without any care. The player should not worry about paying money when he has to organize and reorganize the streets and the buildings that he has already placed within the city. The player should customize his city according to his preferences when he wants to change the placement of the streets and the buildings.

The player should have a master plan so that he can run the city in a great manner. This will allow him to succeed and move faster in the game.

The player should build factories that produce the basic materials like minerals, wood, metal, and plastic. Before tending to the various other aspects of the city, the player should ensure that he sets the various jobs that are required for producing these goods. When these materials are finished, the player will have the items that are needed for producing the goods. When these materials are being produced, the player should walk around the residential areas. Certain items take a lot of time to be produced. The player should make sure that he set these to work when he is leaving the game for the day.

If he can keep these tips in mind, he will surely progress in the game.